A new angle on transmission infrastructure

Can alternative designs of transmission towers help build social licence for the infrastructure critical to the energy transition?

Max van Someren

7/8/20231 min read

I drove past these novel transmission line pylons being installed in Somerset, in the UK, last week (thanks to my accommodating family for allowing me to indulge in my energy transition nerdyness and stop for a picture).

These pictures are deceptive - these things are actually pretty enormous, at 35m high (roughly 4 times higher than a 3 storey house). However they are 10m shorter than the traditional design used for a 400kV line in the UK. I don’t know what the cost difference is, but (to my eye at least) they certainly look better.

Apparently this T pylon design is a world first.

More info on the project is available here: https://www.nationalgrid.com/electricity-transmission/network-and-infrastructure/hinkley-connection/news/what-is-tpylon-how-do-we-build-them