Causal Dynamics Wins 1st Prize in Startup Program

The prize was awarded for the team's pitch on the use of Artificial Intelligence to give much higher confidence in the outcomes of renewables projects.


Ashkan Rafiee

7/14/20231 min read

For the past ten weeks Ashkan Rafiee, Nitin Repalle and Max van Someren have been eager participants in the Perth-based Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation (CERI) Concept to Creation course.

The culmination of this intense accelerator program was a pitch night to a panel of real world entrepreneurs and investors. At stake was a A$10,000 grant for the startup with the most compelling pitch. The judges were looking for business proposals which were well-presented, unique and innovative with strong commercial potential. They were also evaluating whether the team had the capability and capacity to deliver on the proposition.

Having worked with the nine other start ups participating in the course, we knew the competition would be intense for the top spot, and were humbled to be awarded first prize.

Our thanks go to the CERI team for their support throughout the pitch development process and to the other course participants for making the final pitch night a night to remember.

If you'd like to hear our final pitch first hand, please get in touch!